fab partsIn addition to our precision cutting services, we offer a variety of fabrication services. Our fabricating capabilities include end-forming, wire-brushing, and deburring as well as light assembly work. We are able to perform our range of fabrication services for both ferrous and non-ferrous materials ranging from outside diameters of 0.125” to 1.5”. 

Our superior end-forming service allows us to form various configurations and ensure that your tubing fits your parts perfectly. At Tube Co, our precision tube fabricating provides enhanced tube strength, improved connectivity, and increased sealing capabilities. This approach ensures clean attachments to other attachments in your processes.  

As experts in the industry, we understand the importance of clean, deburred tubes in assembly. Our wire-brushing and deburring services help remove the sharp edges and debris on tubes caused by cuts and use. By smoothing excess edges on tubing, you can extend the life of your parts and overall assembly. 

Beyond our primary fabrication services, we also offer light assembly work to bring your projects together. Bringing together multiple parts into a single component We are aware of the critical requirements that are associated with these products including: leak paths, strength, surface condition, visual, scarf marks, ID and OD Burrs, weld seam splits, straightness, spring-back, and other critical components. Our assembly work ensures you are getting high quality workmanship at an affordable price. 

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